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Regarding Misfortune.gb

  1. Where did you find all these screenshots and music from the game!?

    All screenshots, music and fanart has been found by searching the Internet as thouroughly as we could. Finding things on misfortune.gb is no easy task, so it took us a while!

  2. How can I submit fanart, information, screenshots or music I have found online or (in regards to fanart) that I have drawn myself?

    You can submit your original fanart or fanart you have found online to us by using the Guestbook! Just upload your fanart to deviantart or some other hosting website, postbthe link and we will add it to our fanarts page! You can send us screenshots, music and information the same way, if you happen to find anything online that we missed and it will be added!

  3. How can I play Misfortune.gb?

    We are asked this a lot. We don't know. We want to play it ourselves, but acording to various sources, the game is hidden inside other games roms / cartridges so maybe that's the best way to discover it. If you however find a playable ROM of the game on its own, please don't hesitate to send us it so we can make it available for download here!

  4. What happens if you choose "NO" when The Devil asks if you want to challenge him?

    Well since we haven't actually played the game ourselves, it's hard to give a certain answer, but some minor mentions of this on various small sources have said it exits the misfortune.gb game and returns you to what you were playing originally. Other sources have said it crashes the game and requires a reset.

  5. Has misfortune.gb music actually ever caused a suicide?

    Although we can't give a definite answer, we have found little to suggest this, but according to psychologists music can cause drastic effects to the brain, most notably headaches, depression and bad nerves. Depression is a major link to suicide so there is high possibility that yes, the music can lead you to suicide even if not directly. The game, as its name suggests, does bring misfortune to the player and their loved ones, but not necessarily death. Many people have claimed light to severe headaches when listening to the music and even nosebleeds. Some people have admitted to being constantly jittery upon listening to the music or discovering the game.

  6. Could it be possible that Misfortune.gb is hidden not in the cartridges of certain games, but instead, hidden in the Game Boy console's motherboard chip?

    Well this is an interesting one, and would certainly explain how so many apparently unrelated games can warp you to it. But screenshots from the game are taken from emulators and we believe the music to be recorded using and emulator too so it seems unlikely. However, we are still not completely certain where the game is actually hidden or how, so we guess anything is possible.

  7. I've heard people discussing this game that have said one of the levels of Misfortune.gb has the Lavender Town theme from Pokemon. Is this true?

    This sounds highly unlikely, and though we haven't played it ourselves, if we had to guess we'd say no. From what we've discovered from various sources the game contains 4 original pieces of music unheard of in any other game.

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