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MISFORTUNE.GB DX DOWNLOAD: A colour recreation of the original game!

The very talented work of an independent game developer out there shines brilliantly in this colour remake of the classic Misfortune.gb which we like to call Misfortune.gb DX. This game is in every way, beautiful, down to the finest detail. The graphic colourisation of levels and the beautifully animated water tiles make this game look like something that would have been on the Game Boy Color, back in its heyday.

The graphics in the game reminds me personally of Crystal Warriors for the Sega Game Gear and Link's Awakening DX, with beautiful colouring and animated water etcetera.  The game contains many levels as seen in the original versions video footage and screenshots, but is approached from a different angle, adding a backstory, secret switches and entirely new levels that we've never even seen before! It even adds a save function, allowing the player to back his or her progress up in case of a sudden "Misfortune". ;) This is the first time we've been able to share a link to an actual playable version of Misfortune, and Misfortune DX is a great introduciton to what it's all about if you've never heard of it before.

You can download the game HERE.

Misfortune.gb for Visual Boy Advance

For those of you who are really in the mood to play some classic Misfortune.gb you might want to check this version out instead! This is a gameboy version of Misfortune.gb much closer to the original version that was hidden in our most loved games. This game requires the Japanese Pokemon Red to run, which is contained within the rar file. Also included is a patched version of Visual Boy Advance, the Game Boy emulator which must be selected to play. You can download it HERE.  This is a website where the talented people who made the patch post updated on the game. Download links to the playable game can be found there.

We had a play of it and didn't get very far. We made it as far as the room in which the bridge must be constructed to reach the key. Shockingly, we discovered that the blocks didn't move so we couldn't get past that point. By that's good, its unique and fresh! Take a look at this great Misfortune.gb version!