The MISFORTUNE.GB videogame fansite.

A lot of people out there have been talking about recreating the original Misfortune.gb to make it more widely available for people to play, but many talented independant game designers out there have claimed that this is difficult as they do not have all the resources to remake the game. This is a place of graphical resources for Misfortune.gb which we will post up as we discover and/or rip them. Consider this a useful place for fans of the original game who want to recreate it with a fan game. Yes, we will post the sprites we have access to on here. If some sprites are unavailable, we will post fan made ones which will be identified by a small "*" beside the sprite.

Original Resources (Ripped from Misfortune.gb)

The Player (full sprite sheet).

The Devil (full sprite sheet). 

Thanks to shirtripper for helping us compile this sheet.

Modified Resources (Colour, fan made, edits etc.)

The Player (Complete colour sprite sheet).

The Devil (Complete colour sprite sheet).